What are some movies that aren’t horror-themed, but still creepy?

#horror #nonhorror #requiemforadream #machinist Requiem for a Dream (2000) This has to be one of the best yet heartbreaking films of all time. I could only muster to watch this movie once and swore never to view it again. This is real-life horror, not crazy psycho killer stuff. You see how drugs destroy a human…

Hypnosis and me.

I’ll come out and tell you folks about my experiences with hypnosis isn’t what you thought, and how my preconceptions about it were biased by movies. Tavera Del Toro, Author and Hypnosis Subject – Interview   #hypnosis #horror #horrorhypnosis #horrormovies.

My latest movie review.

Babysitting. Witches. Black magic. All in one movie. Night Sitter. Reel Review: The Night Sitter (2018)