Be on a podcast. Advice.

I recently appeared on a podcast, that is supported by a horror film-related website. I never have appeared on a podcast in my life and it really was the furthest thing from my life. I am a struggling author and writing about horror has always been my dream. Since I also write for the site, it is encouraged that I appear with my fellow writers.

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I was terrified the night before and slept for three hours. Panic and fear wracked my body. “what was I doing?” , “this is dumb!” and serious fears about my voice( I still am not passable with my female voice, I am transgender) sent me into terror land. I was about to call and cancel my appearance.

Then I recalled something, everything I felt total fear for doing has always helped me in some ways, and I always look back at it with pride. Okay, I could look like a damn idiot (maybe), sound like a grandmother(really), and just come off very negatively. But what the hell, we only live once.

The host was nice and calmed me down. Since it was all remote, I actually did it by phone and a headset(helped me hear better-good advice). I can’t say his name but he is a very experienced and knowledgeable vet of the genre.

I started off a bit in shock and lucky for me, the other guest was smart and knew his stuff. It took me some time to get going and I calmed down as the hour went by, and it felt like it was a call between friends/ work.

I won’t say I did a professional job but here are some tips.

  1. Carry water nearby, you’ll get dry-voiced.
  2. Do your research. Know the topic very well and take notes. Don’t lose them as I did, make a copy!
  3. Practice your listening skills, think of it as a date, in public, don’t lose focus and manners.
  4. Be patient, don’t blurt out whatever comes into your mind. Think and be deliberate.
  5. Be polite, don’t get angry. Let others speak.
  6. Thank your host and other guests.
  7. Please do your research and have an extra device to scan for info (I needed a tablet with my phone).
  8. Whatever the topic, write a page explaining your beliefs and thinking. It’ll help you sound coherent.
  9. Speak loudly and clearly. Voice lessons and self-practice.
  10. It’s not as bad as you think. Believe in you.

15 Tips For An On-Point Podcast Guest Appearance