Lamia, Queen of the Dark.

My interview with Horror Hotel’s lovely host, Lamia on Or her “alter ego” Christina Michelle. She’s a really diverse woman, martial artist, actress, producer, and writer. Did I mention she also promotes a horror convention? Check her out every weekend:

Black History month movie reviews

As Black History Month wraps up, lists the Horror Noire Guide: The 13 Essential Black Horror Films. From Night of the Living Dead (and check out my Candyman mini review) to Son Of Ingagi, you’ll certainly find great films on this list.

Horror tales from your home.

Yes, I write scary little stories. I usually make the tales up from my fertility (and yet zany) imagination, but sometimes reality kicks my tail in inventiveness and just plain weirdness. Here a few really bad disasters that happened in people’s safe little havens, you call home sweet home. A teenager in Malaysia died when…