What’s the creepiest thing you have ever witnessed at school?

  Creepiest? How about the time I was a lowly freshman and forced to bend on my knees to use the floor lockers: all freshman were forced to endure(they ’re three levels, the freshman received the bottom, sophomores and juniors the middle and the seniors the top level). I also had a very amorous couple…

Bird watching

Saw this bird hanging out at the park. Is it a crane? You tell me…  

So it’s not going to vanish?

Being silly, of course, it’ll fade but enjoying its presence for now. Yes, I still harbor thoughts of having my butterfly have “friends” alongside it. But we will see about that later:P

The best horror story of all time?

We hear about it but really what makes a story the best? A horror story should invite you in, like a victim to a cagey vampire, willingly and innocently. You wouldn’t suspect the depth of the terror about to confront you. The ease in which you allow yourself to be pulled in makes it a harder…

I have a logo now.

I must remind you, folks, my logo. I designed it as a spirit, red with bloodlust; she’s not an angry ghost, she just has an urge, an unquenchable one at that. What that is is a mystery… Her name? Astrid.