My monster is attractive.


How beauty affects form.

Yes, we all can appreciate an attractive person’s looks and shapes, that conform to our personal/societal definition of attraction. How to apply it to horror, as in film, imagery, even our monsters?

The vampire lore is connected to sexuality, either male or female, the bloodthirsty being, plays with one of the most dangerous substances, a stranger’s blood. But can the blood carry a power of its own? The fluidity of it and its richness in colors immediately grabs our sight. The contrast of it on another being’s white teeth, means death and the ending of life(what comes to mind when you see a lion’s red stained teeth?) immediately sends a shock to our brain. Fear, could I be next? The viciousness of its attack sends us a message be wary of such beings, a beast that kills quietly and without a mess lowers our fears and makes us lax. You’ll despise a zombie greater than a vampire every time.

Accordingly, the modern vampire often is dressed in leather or PVC, latex clothing, often skin tight, showing us the uninhibited form of the monster, attractive and welcoming, but an image we’d likely not care to view alone. The leather can symbolize an ancient, wearing the skins of our hunted prey on them, it begs the question: how come vampires don’t wear human skin clothing?


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Ordinarily, vampires must be attractive, having to employ naturalistic tricks such as other creatures who mimic other species or even food, or flowers to capture their prey. It simply won’t do, to resemble Godzilla and not stand out while you need human blood to survive, the successful vampire would appear attractive and sensitive to entrance victims and escape detection. if vampirism was a genetic trait, it would stand to reason, they would be attractive, cerebral and hypersensitive to human feelings and wants.

It would, therefore, stand that homelier vampires would take on the persona of a vicious and stronger being and attack their victims unwillingly, in isolated locations. They would take on an increased animalistic shape, and skills.

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Therefore, we’d have a variety of classes of vampires, based solely on attractiveness, I wonder how werewolves would fair as would other monsters, perhaps based on their feral appearances.