Revenge Chair


Revenge is an ancient and universal subject but sometimes forces beyond our world can affect us in ways we could never dream about or imagine. Discover what happens when those who perpetrate evil, face justice from supernatural forces.

Tavera Del Toro’s collection of stories dwelling on revenge from the beyond is compiled into four stories that describe the nightmares that come from human anger and basic evil.

1) “The Worst Thing About It”, a city faces an unknown sickness that appears to spread through the city’s public transit. Medical experts are left confused and bewildered and only a smart city detective can figure out the truth. But is she too late?

2) “Evoked”, a vampire describes her daily existence, wondering how she has escaped detection, after years of bloodshed and murder. Are investigators lazy, or incompetent? She discovers that things are not that simple and finds out the horrifying connection between her past and her future.

3) “Liftoff In One”, a crazed son of a billionaire, creates a reality show like no other. He uses unwanted international criminals for the entertainment of his viewers while actually building an executioner’s camp of cruel death. A new crop of contestants could bring the end of his show and possibly the end of the world.

4) “Fighting Obits”, a small time con man attempts to profit off of a website that mocks the recently deceased. His unexpected success leads him to a descent into madness and terror, as he must fight for his own sanity and life.


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