who are you?

I ask this question to myself every day.Who are you? I often get a lot of different answers. Sometimes the answers hurt; I’m fearful, timid, I lie or hide the truth because the truth hurts more. It’s not easy to really look at yourself; the lies we tell ourselves help us sleep better at night.

I write down what I answer, I have it in a notebook, the stories change daily, but the overlaying person is the same. I won’t go into details, but the errors of being human glare at me everyday.

Invisible yet?

I have often wondered and wished to be invisible. Trying to avoid my parents as a kid, teachers and eventually grown adults, coworkers, neighbors and distant relatives. This may have more to do with my issues but I’ve always found the science of being invisible an attractive and fun. But it seems like we’re getting there…


Harry Potter would be proud…