Nightmare scenarios.

If you ever needed a new nightmare to help you not sleep and face the fact that life can be a hell of a lot stranger than you'll ever know, read this:   I for one, love the robots and thought the matrix was a joke.    


Vincent Price

A legendary actor in the horror industry, starring in classics, like The last man on earth, Laura, House On Haunted Hill and even doing voice-overs on Scooby do and of course Michael Jackson's Thriller": I would be remiss to not include my favorite, The Abominable Dr. Phibes. I loved this man's work and... Continue Reading →

Excerpt from my first book.

An excerpt  of The Worst Thing About It, from my first book, Revenge Chair: “Damn it, where is it?”   It was now 8:35 AM and the 17 West Thomas Road bus was  nowhere in sight. He was going to be late again and Megan was going to be furious. His supervisor was always... Continue Reading →

Dating Incognito

  "I expected you dressed," the college professor tells me, as we sit down at Starbucks, his disappointment comes across his face like a five-year-old on Christmas Day. A tall, good-looking, educated individual who was not running away in terror, so far excellent luck. As for myself, I wore jeans and a tee shirt, as... Continue Reading →

Me and Catwoman.

I won't lie, I have been fascinated with her since I saw Julie Newmar back as a kid. Her tough and provocative attitude left on a mark on me, even as a confused kid watching corny batman tv reruns. She has something I wanted, and unlike the other boys, and men, she was an idol.... Continue Reading →

The Return Response.

I sent a message to Stephen King… Okay, it wasn’t that simple, what originally got me off my seat was the behest of my life coach to send a Facebook message to my horror writer hero, the one, and only Stephen King. Of course, I had my doubts and concerns. What to say? I’m sure... Continue Reading →

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