How I write.

Smell, taste sounds and hear.

AS a writer one is supposed to use all your senses not just your eyes. What does a memory evoke? A sense of fear, loathing, hatred, love, sadness? Does the smell of chocolate cookies make you sick? Or do you recall when your mom made them for your second-grade class? Or maybe the time your sister fell off her bike and skinned her knee? Did she blame you for that?

Does the sound of the wind make you feel afraid? Like the time you were lost, in a forest searching for your family? Three hours searching alone, lost with the gray skies overhead, threatening rain?

The taste of a hot dog make you nervous? Was it the time you bought one at a baseball game and the man in front of you choked on his and had to be saved by that paramedic who fortunately was there?

One has to reach down below the usual thinking and observe everyday things, from the smell of garbage to the sound a baby makes sitting alone in their carriage, entertaining themselves as their parent stand nearby talking on their phone.


Under the Bed?

What is hiding under your bed?

Likely dust, dust mites, shoes, perhaps an old food wrapper or even a weapon. But do you recall when you were a kid? The boogieman(men?) lurked down there, and was just waiting for you to supply them with a nice,  tasty foot or even head(don’t ever peek down there) during one of your sleepless nights.  But why do we always fear that as a child? Usually, it was a dark, hidden world, much like the closet, where the creatures of our nightmares were sitting, watching us, waiting for the perfect time to sleep.

I never saw anything under my bed, but I suppose some unlucky souls did and were never heard from again( most likely actually kidnappers than a demon from hell) and the legends started, but one must ask, did boogiemen haunt us when we didn’t have beds or closets? I assume the dark caves and forests supplied the locales for our nightmares(go check out all those fairy tales and fables). It is fun to ponder how our future selves will create new haunting areas(or at least the kiddies) as our living areas change;perhaps haunted walls, or more likely haunted,spooky areas in our minds as virtual reality takes off, or some still unknown technological advance  will creep up on us and make a new ‘dark and unseen location, our new spooky zone.

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Software to help you edit your writing?

Being the cheapskate that I am, I am using these two new software programs to edit my little writings. and which while not perfect do help catching more of my punctuation flaws and even a review of my sentence structure and even helping me catch a few style issues.

Any thoughts or reviews?